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2. If you do not agree to these terms, you should immediately stop using this website.

3. This website is operated by Interstate Removals Australia Pty Ltd as trustee for the IRA Trust ('we', 'our', 'us')

4. We may, from time to time, amend these terms of use at our sole discretion by displaying an updated version on the website and you will be deemed to have accepted the changes if you continue to use the website.

5. You may submit our 'get a quote' form only for the purpose of obtaining a quote from one or more suppliers we use.

6. You may not use this website or our 'get a quote' form if you provide transport, removalist services, or moving services listed in competition with us.

7. Neither we nor our suppliers are common carriers and accept no liability as such. We reserve the right to refuse to quote for the carriage of goods for any particular person or for carriage of any goods or types of goods at our sole discretion without giving any reason.

8. You warrant that any information that you provide to us and or which we have reasonably relied in providing a quote or estimate to carry out the work is accurate.

9. You warrant that, in entering into an agreement for transport or removalist services, you are the owner of the goods or the authorised agent of the owner.

10. You warrant that, in entering into an agreement for a service, that you understand that providers terms and conditions as relevant to your agreement with them

11. We may use web based tracking methods to provide us with marketing data. You will remain anonymous, and data would only be shared with Google or Facebook.

12. You agree to be contacted by Moving Connect, or an associated contact regarding our services

13. You acknowledge that we may pass your details on to relevant service providers.

14. You acknowledge that whilst we strive to give you the best service, ultimately your decide who you sign to up as your service providers and which services you subscribe to. Moving Connect or associated partner and businesses cannot be held liable for anything regarding your descision making and which provider you go with or the services you subscribe to. Please check insurances, public liability etc for yourself upon making your descision.


We use various tracking methods such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to assist us with our marketing efforts. This information is shared only with Facebook and Google, and their relevant partners.

We will pass your email, phone number and name to the relevant company, depending on your needs and the details you enter in our online forms. This may mean that we need to provide your details to multiple companies depending on the required service, and if there are multiple services selected.

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